Glutton Recycling Station

Support your facilities recycling program, help reduce labor costs, and improve worker well-being.

  • High-capacity, all-in-one centralized solutions for efficient waste sortation.
  • Improves productivity by reducing the frequency of trips to empty the filled containers.
  • Two Stream units (1792339, 1792340, 1792371) hold up to 46 gallons of waste.
  • Four Stream Units (1792372, 1792373, 1792374) hold up to 92 gallons of waste.
  • Multiple restrictive-opening hole shapes and various color coded iconic and/or word labels provide flexibility, and help minimize contamination by giving visual cues for material identification.
  • Fully integrated station gives credibility to building recycling program and drives recycling compliance.
    • Two Stream units (1792339, 1792340, 1792371) come complete with 1 Glutton® Receptacle, 2 Slim Jim® Receptacles, 1 lid frame, choice of 3 opening shapes (circle, slot, square), and label pack.
    • Four Stream units (1792372, 1792373, 1792374) come complete with 2 Glutton® Receptacles, 4 Slim Jim® Receptacles, 1 hinged lid frame, choice of 4 opening shapes (circle, slot, square, and triangle), and 2 label packs.
  • Custom imprinting available; contact us for more information.
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