Maintenance & Cleaning Accessories

Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance Gloves

  • Deisgned for harsh applications and rough materials and are constructed of breathable stretch materials for comfort.
  • Knuckles are padded with perforated neoprene, hook and loop fastener does not snag or collect debris and provides one-hand strap adjustment.

Professional Kneepads

  • I-Gel kneedpads have non-marring protective cap to protect surfaces and are non-skid to help avoid slipping.
  • I-Gel insert absorbs impact while the breathable perforated neoprene material helps minimize the discomfort of sweat.
  • I-Gel kneepads are notched for comfort when standing and have one-strap sizing with adjustable sizing pads on boths sides.

Utility Knives & Blades

  • Blades are unbreakable under normal working conditions with an optimized cutting angle for reduced fatigue and safety.
  • Smooth, three-position slide exposes variable blade length and increased durability for frequent use and inside storage for five blades.


  • Heat-treated carbon steel blades for maximum strength. The blade contains a polished, clear-coated protectant against corrosion.
  • Comfortable contoured handle.