The ideal solution when rich foam and out of reach cleaning is required

FoamMaster power cleaning systems automatically dilute concentrated cleaning products with water, and uses compressed air to generate a thick clinging foam. The FoamMasters work on as little as 3 gallons per minute water flow, and compressed air pressure of 40 Psi. When you need to clean large areas, there’s no other effective and efficient method than foam cleaning. Once it makes contact it remains for an extended period of time allowing the cleaning solution to work more effectively. It also allows you to reach hard to reach areas that you can not access by using traditional cleaning methods.

Features & Benefits
  • Provides excellent foam quality at an economical price
  • Separate hose required for rinsing process
  • Includes PVC discharge hose and handle
  • Built-in check valve prevents compressed air from forcing its way into the water line
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