Reliability, durability and value in wall mounted spraying/foaming system

With a HydroChem there's no need to mix a bucket of this or a bottle of that: everything is right at your fingertips with the HydroChem, and switching from one function to the other is just a twist of a handle. HydroChems not only simplifies cleaning and sanitization, they deliver more effective cleaning too. The automatically diluted solution is mixed accurately and consistently as apposed to manually mixed solutions. Since the solution is correctly diluted, it performs just as it was designed to making labor productivity increase, as time is spent cleaning rather than manually diluting concentrated products.

Features & Benefits
  • Components that contact chemicals are designed for chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Designed for both clean/rinse (one product) and clean/rinse/sanitize (two product) operations
  • Increased productivity of employees
  • On/off can be controlled at hose end, wherever the operator may be, using accessory tools
  • Clean/rinse/sanitize functions are clearly labeled for easy identification
  • High rinse flow capacity
  • Provides a thick, rich foam for more effective cleaning
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