HydroFlo Metal Faucet Proportioner With Female Aerator Threads

The HydroFlo metal faucet proportioner uses the water stream from a faucet to deliver diluted cleaning solution for manual warewashing at the touch of a button. The HydroFlo proportioner eliminates the need for manual mixing of cleaning concentrates used in warewashing by properly diluting detergents to provide optimal cleaning performance as specified by the manufacturer. No need to hold the button while the unit is operating. Simply push the button, and diluted solution will be dispensed as long as the water flow stays on. Once the water is turned off the button pops out, and you have access to fresh water again.

Features & Benefits
  • Proven, reliable components
  • Proper chemical performance
  • Easy push button operation
  • Molded eductor avoids the problems of chemical attack found with metal eductors
  • Nickel-plated brass body stands up to the abuse from contact with heavy pots and pans.
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