Versatility and value for push-pump applications

The MultiDose is a hand pump designed to deliver accurate doses of concentrated chemicals into sinks, bottles, buckets, and other containers. Its attractive appearance makes it especially suited for areas that might be seen by the public. These units do not require a water line connection making it exceptionally valuable in areas of low water pressure or in locations where water line connections are not available. It’s easy to install, just attach the mounting bracket to the wall and slide the unit on to the bracket. The entire front cover can be pushed to activate the unit, making it extremely easy for anyone to operate. No matter which dose volume you select, you can prime the MultiDose at its full 30 ml stroke no more time wasted trying to prime the pump 5 ml at a time!

Features & Benefits
  • Chlorine resistant, so there’s no need to keep multiple models in stock
  • Simplified design with very few moving parts, to reduce possibility of failure and eliminate downtime
  • Hinged discharge spout resists breakage from contact with equipment, pots and pans, etc
  • Recovery can be delayed up to 10 seconds, if desired .
  • Quick recovery, even with thick products
  • Accurate delivery at all dosage rates
  • Variable dosage (5-30 ml per stroke), selected at time of installation, meets almost all product needs
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