PROSERVE Lightweight Insulated Carriers

Four layers of thermal retention provide lightweight option for safely transporting food and beverage.

  • Keeps hot food hot and cold food cold safety for four hours.
  • PROSERVE carriers are lighter than solid competitive products, decreasing risk of ergonomic stress.
  • Divider for 9F15 allows separation within carrier between hot and cold food storage and reduces risk of cross-contamination.
  • Time temperature monitoring and labeling is easy with large identification window secured to each carrier.
  • Commercial-grade nylon exterior surrounds and protects the inner layers.
  • Non-woven polyester insulation is nearly 1" thick, it's the same insulation used high-performance coldweather gear. Will not retain moisture or odors.
  • Reflective vapor barrier helps maintain even temperature throughout the carrier, so foods maintain their ideal temperatures.
  • Rigid interior insulation is lightweight and over 300% stronger than Styrofoam polystyrene, expanded polypropylene resists flaking, cleans easily, and provides uncompromising support.
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