• Provides a Heavy Duty Solution for Oily Areas
  • Factories, Garages and Machine Shops
  • Auto Manufacturers and Power Transmission Facilities
  • Aggressively patterned top ensures maximum foot traction in slick environments
  • 100% molded nitrile matting that is oil and grease proof
  • Efficient drainage that allows for superior adherence on oily surfaces
  • Modular tiles offer flexibility to accommodate changing work environments
  • Total Confidence Warranty

Installation: To connect a ramp to a female side of a mat you will need to use two 18" male connectors. All Ramps have female connections and are 39" in length, which is two tile lengths plus a corner.

Pre-Constructed Mats: Pre-Assembled mats have borders on both short-end sides and on one long-end side.

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