TCell Continuous Odor Control System

The world's first continuous odor control system is the latest innovation by Technical Concepts. Utilizing it's patented fluid delivery system, the TCell delivers a precise dose of pure designer fragrance and odor neutralizer for 60 days without the use of batteries. Conventional gel air freshener systems lose their fragrance intensity over the life of the refill, but TCell remains constant. When it comes time to change the refill it is quick and simple, taking less than a minute to change.

TCell refills contain Microtrans, a true odor neutralizer and utilize only the highest quality essential oils to reinforce the cleanliness of the washroom and image of your facility. They are available in a wide range of customer preferred fragrances from mild to intense for a clean, fresh scent that lasts. The TCell works by the fuel cell creating hydrogen with the fragrance chamber. As each molecule of hydrogen is created it forces (pushes) an equal volume of fragrance out of the chamber. Natural air flow in the washroom distributes the fragrance throughout the room.

Fragrance Intensity Chart

Fragrance Intensity Chart

  • Operates without batteries
  • No propellants or added VOCs
  • Recyclable components
  • 13 different fragrances to choose from
  • Saves time and labor
  • Lifetime Warranty
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