SeBreeze Fan Dispensers & Fragrance Cassettes

SeBreeze Adjustable Fan Dispenser and SeBreeze Portable Fan Systems are ideal for long-lasting, effective odor control and small confined areas.

  • SeBreeze model 5114 is an adjustable fan dispenser built with sturdy construction and adjustable vents to regulate air flow
  • SeBreeze model 9C90 provides a stylish design suitable in any decor is ideal for small, confined areas
  • Use the 5114 is rooms up to 600 sq. ft. and the 9C90 in up to 300 sq. ft.; both systems include mounting hardware
  • 5114 model is made to be mounted on a wall and the 9C90 is designed to be portable and for mounting on wall or flat surfaces

Rubbermaid Fragrance Cassettes with Odor Absorbing Gel don't just mask odors with heavy perfumes, they eliminate them using Rubbermaid's Odor Absorbing Gel Technology.

  • Gels absorb odors in the air and convert them to non-toxic, odorless compounds.
  • Gel dissolves as it's used, providing a visual replacement cue
  • Patented see-through Fragrance Cassette canister contains battery for easy one-step replacement
  • 24-hour odor control for a full 30 days
  • Neutral fragrance absorbs odors but leaves almost no scent for people sensitive to perfumes, such as those in hospitals and nursing homes
  • Fragrance Cassettes for the 5114 adjustable fan dispenser are available in a variety of fragrance optioins: Fresh Apple, Citrus Breeze, Ocean Breeze, Bing Cherry, and Lavender Bouqeut
  • Fragrance Cassettes for the 9C90 portable fan dispenser are available in Lemon-Lime, Wintermint, Cedar Forest, and Cinnamon Spice
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