Ekcos Innovations EkcoScreen Anti-Splashback Urinal Screens

Ekcos Innovations patent pending Sealed Bristle Technology™ prevents urine splash back and spread-of-disease causing microbes caused by urine impacting the back wall or still water in a public urinal. With the reduction of splash back and Ekcos anti-microbial technology, a cleaner public restroom is made possible.
  • Patent-pending sealed bristle technology eliminates splash back
  • Anti-Microbial technology is engineered into the proprietary urinal screen resin
  • Lasts twice as long as other urinal screens on the market today
  • Emits a fresh, clean scent (Melon, Lavender, Irish Pine, Spiced Apple, Tropical Mango, Mixed Berry or Iced Mint)
  • Designed for high-traffic public restrooms
  • Flexible to fit any urinal model
  • Elevated risers make it well suited for waterless urinals
  • With virtually no splash, Ekcos urinal screens save countless maintenance hours spent cleaning floors, urinals, partitions and more
Ekcos EkcoScreen Urinal Screen Elevated Risers Ekcos Urinal Screens are Flexible to Conform to Urinals
Elevated Risers for waterless urinals Flexibile to fit any urinal
Regular Urinal with Typical Urinal Screens Urinal with Ekcos Anti-Splashback Urinal Screens
Urinal with Typical Urinal Screen Urinal with Ekcos Urinal Screens

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