PURELL TFX Instant Hand Sanitizer and Touch Free Dispensing Systems

PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer, PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer formulated with ALOE, PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer with DERMAGLYCERIN SYSTEM and Instant Hand Sanitizer Skin Nourishing Foam

Whether or not you see them germs are everywhere! They’re on desks, phones, door knobs, and literally anything you can touch. And since most germs are spread by hands, it’s easy to see how quickly those germs can spread in any professional setting where people interact. So, how can you quickly and conveniently kill germs on your hands - without having to leave whatever work is at hand? Simple: use PURELL - America’s #1 instant hand sanitizer and with the PURELL TFX touch-free dispensing system it’s as simple as putting your hand under the dispenser and rubbing the hand sanitizer on your skin until it dries. The future of hand hygiene is touch free and GOJO’s TFX dispensing system meets this need.

  • 1200 ml high-capacity refill
  • Skylight makes it easy to see when it’s time to reload the dispenser
  • Dispenser turns off automatically when opened
  • LED light shows that dispenser is ready for use
  • Up to 30,000 uses from three standard C-size alkaline batteries (included)
  • Fully ADA compliant, UL/CE registered
  • 3 year performance guaranteed
  • Refill snaps securely into place with an audible click
  • SANITARY SEALED locks out germs
  • Helps keep dispenser and sink area clean
  • Fresh dispensing valve with every refill
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