RecyclePro 3

Glaro's RecyclePro 3 Receptacles make recycling simple in any indoor/outdoor setting with there all-weather finish and triple purpose tops. With 5 triple opening top styles, 31 finishes and a wide selection of silkscreened messages, it makes them perfect to separate waste from recyclables. Finishes consist of satin aluminum, satin brass and 29 textured or smooth powder coat finishes baked onto galvanized steel. Silk screened messages are applied to the body of the receptacle and baked on to ensure longevity.


  • 29 powder coated designer finishes
  • Satin Brass or Satin Aluminum finishes
  • Can be used Indoors/Outdoors
  • Choose your own finish combinations
  • Optional decorative contrasting metal bands
  • Triple Purpose Recycling
  • All metal fire safe construction
  • Includes galvanized inner liner
  • Optional canopy tops available

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