Technical Concepts TC SaniCell Wall

Technical Concepts TC SaniCell™ Wall continuously cleans fixtures and maintains drains to enhance cleanliness and image round-the-clock. Innovative fuel cell technology delivers a consistent metered dose of Purinel® SC, a super concentrated formula, which prevents build up of uric scale in pipes and hard water deposits on fixture surfaces - eliminating odor causing bacteria wherever water travels.


  • Two Dispenser Options (Service or LED) available in four color combinations
  • Utilizes patented fuel cell technology – battery-free operation
  • Durable design to withstand washroom environment
  • Smooth Surfaces allow for easy cleaning
  • Refill cycle chips for 30, 45, or 60 day cleaning
  • Proprietary refill cartridge housing
  • Mounts to wall with screws and anchors or double-sided tape
  • Connection Kits, Connection Tubes, Hand Drill Kit and Purinel SC refills sold separately.
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