Monte Carlo Tip Action Top Receptacles

Glaro's "Monte Carlo" Collection feature satin aluminum or brass decorative bands and tops giving these receptacles a unique blend of elegance and versatility. Constructed out of heavy gauge steel that is not only beautifully finished but will also withstand years of use in even the most demanding environments. The tops are formed by Glaro's hand spinning process from heavy gauge, seamless aluminum and are then satin polished and finished with a permanent, high temperature baked enamel coating for an everlasting tarnish, rust and scratch resistant surface. Each receptacle features an inner Heavy Gauge Galvanized liner enhancing these receptacles Self Extinguishing Capabilities for added protection against fires.

Tip Action Top Litter Containers with Self Closing Door

This popular design incorporates a balanced, weighted Tip Action door that quietly returns to the center, closing the unit after each deposit, containing odors, fire and unsightly trash within the all metal unit.

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