Dispenser Free Control Systems

Stearns Dispenser Free Control System. Premeasured and Accurate Dilutions everytime!

Stearns has brought chemical management to a completely new level. They have gone above and beyond to make an easy to use system that saves you money. Want to know how?

They have made premeasured packets with a variety of over 60 different chemicals! All in concentrated formulas so you are not paying to ship water. They offer not only liquid One Packs but also water-soluble powder packets that are all premeasured for accurate chemical dilution control. This is how simple the system is to use!

  1. Fill a spray bottle, bucket or container with the directed amount of water.
  2. Open your One Packs and pour the concentrate into your desired container, or you can use the Water-flakes or Quart’r Packs and simply drop the water-soluble packet into your container.
  3. Now you have a perfectly measured chemical solution and you are ready to get cleaning.

That’s all it takes, three simple steps! Let us bring Stearns revolutionary cleaning system to your business. It will save you time, money and storage space in your custodial closet. Easy to follow directions and no bulky equipment is needed just water, a container and one of Stearns premeasured chemicals. Also offered in the Stearns Chemical Line are Green Seal Certified products, NSF Certified and Recognized for Safer Chemistry by the EPA.

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